Aug 25 2011

Decorating with a Global View

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      Looking for a way to bring a bit of a global view into your classroom? Here is a simple idea that I have used for a few years that I might have stolen from Kathy Cassidy.

She is a classroom teacher in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada who describes herself as a “Grade one teacher inviting the world into her classroom.”

One of the things that Kathy does in her grade 1 class and that I have done in my grade 5/6 classroom is to use clocks. Bring in 3 or 4 wall clocks and set them to different times for different places around the world. It is a simple idea that can open up all kinds of classroom discussion possibilities and it makes your classroom look cool, like a newsroom. I found my clocks a few years ago at IKEA. The Rusch Wall clock sells for $2.99 but isn’t currently in stock at the Ottawa Ikea, although I am sure that there are other places where you can find inexpensive wall clocks.

I have used my clocks to mark places that we’re learning about in class or talking about in current events. I have also used them when students go on trips during the school year. I set it to the time zone where they’re visiting. I have also used them to show the students the time in classrooms around the world where we have blogged with other students. They’ve been a great help in my unit on telling time and time zones as well.

A simple idea that is cool and has many different applications. Don’t waste any more time…get out there and put up clocks on your classroom walls :-).

For more information about Kathy Cassidy, her class and her professional blog, click here. (The photo is of the clocks in Kathy’s classroom.)

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