Sep 09 2011

Ontario Election Day – Thursday October 6, 2011

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The writ has been dropped and Ontarians will be going to the polls on Thursday, October 6th.
For teachers of students in grades 5 this is an opportunity to address one of the overall expectations from the social studies curriculum document: “use a variety of resources and tools to gather and analyse information about government processes, the rights of groups and individuals, and the responsibilities of citizenship in Canada, including participation in the electoral process;”
For teachers of grade 10 Civics, the election provides opportunity to address many of the expectations around Informed, Active and Purposeful Citizenship.
Here are some technology resources (in no particular order) available to help you as you introduce and engage your students in the topic.
Click on the above link to get to the Elections Canada Young Voters page. Here you will find links to kits that can be ordered to support election activities. There is a kit for young students on electing a class mascot and one for older students on how to run a student council election, to name only two of the available resources. There is a tab on the upper right hand side of the page to let you select the information in French.
Elections Ontario has created an online slideshow that serves as a good introduction to voting. The slides are simple yet informative and answer questions such as, What is an election?, Why vote?, Who can vote?, etc. Scroll down to view all the slides (also available in French).
Student vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, coinciding with official election periods. The program is designed to engage students in the electoral process and provide an authentic voting experience (also available in French).
The Ontario Election Almanac provides a countdown to election day with polls and projections about the different parties. There are also links to Provincial Election history and Provincial Government. There is some advertising that appears on this site.
The We Make Voting Easy page has the answers to the Who, When, Where and How of voting in the provincial election (also available in French).

For teachers in the OCDSB: Discovery Education has a video (in both French and English) called Government in Canada Jr. With Discovery Education you can watch the entire video or play the segments on How an Election Works. Once you click on the links below you will be asked for your user id and password. If you have never registered with Discovery Education, you can get information on how to do that through Hotline. If you can’t remember whether you have an account or not, use the Forgot user name/password prompt to get your account back and working for you.

English version

French version

Please share your links and election ideas by leaving a comment. Happy voting!

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