How do I burn audio onto a CD?

Here’s a question from one of our participants.  Jane and I will be sure to get an answer up soon – maybe someone out there would like to leave a comment as well?

Hi folks. Maybe someone can help me. My students have recorded themselves reading a picture book using the digital recorder you provided us (thank you for all of the wonderful equipment by the way – side note). I plug the digital recorder into our computer and we listen and all is great…we are listening through the windows media player. Now the problem is, we are trying to put these “stories” onto cd’s to leave in our library as a listening centre for younger readers. It will not burn onto cd for me and I have tried a variety. I have also used the little laptop you provided us and they recorded using audacity. Can anyone help the “technologically challenged” as myself on how do I get all of this onto cd’s?
Thanks – Janine from MES